One cinematographer captures the look and feel of your day. The Lite delivers a fun sharable Music Video for you and your guests.



Two cinematographers work as a team allowing multiple angles at any moment. This gives us more freedom in the editing room to create your personalized Music Video. We also edit your Ceremony & Speeches into a separate film just for you.



The Atomic Package is our juiciest. In addition to your Music Video, we edit a Documentary Film for a behind the scenes look of your party. We blend a raw home movie feel with our editing style, creating  a moving portrait of friends and family on your wedding day.


●  8 Hours of Shooting Coverage  ●  Raw Footage and Hard Drive  ●

For more information on our packages and availability:

*availability for dates in 2022 and 2023

*prices include fees and travel costs within 125 miles of Philadelphia or Los Angeles*

One Cinematographer

Music Video

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Two Cinematographers

Music Video

Ceremony & Speeches

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Two Cinematographers

Music Video

Documentary Film

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What is the Atomic Tangerine style?

The Music Video (like the videos you see on our site) is our creative platform for taking your love, energy, and excitement and arranging it into a film that feels more like a daydream than a "highlight film". Our approach is unobtrusive, so no big rigs or lights. We stealthily capture candid moments and allow the photographer to do most of the directing so you can enjoy your day.

Should I have one or two cinematographers at my wedding?

Two is better than one, right? We assume that's what brought you here. But it may not always be the case with your wedding cinematographers. One cinematographer can capture the vibe for the music video, but having two cinematographers allows us more freedom in the editing process and multiple angles during staged events. We recommend two cinematographers if you'd like to capture both the bride and groom getting ready in separate locations.

Can we pick the music for the film?

Who would want to relive their wedding day to a song they don’t like? You give us multiple song suggestions and we pick the one that fits best with the footage. You can't go wrong with the classics, but please surprise us! Some of our favorite song choices are ones we've never heard before in a wedding video. And if you're having trouble deciding, don't be shy about asking for our advice. We are all avid listeners.

Will you travel to my wedding?

We love to travel and experience new places. Travel is included within 125 miles of Philadelphia or Los Angeles (so places like New York City and San Diego are covered). If your wedding is outside of that, our travel rates are very reasonable.

What is the 'RAW footage'?

The RAW footage is every unedited clip from the day. Basically, everytime we hit record and stop, there's a RAW file.

How do we book?

We ask for a signed contract (sent online) and a 50% deposit. Any add-ons or upgrades to your package can be made after the contract is signed. If you have any more questions, drop us a line!

Can you film aerial footage at my wedding?

We won't be flying anything over your heads during your vows, but we love to capture your party from the air. Depending on the location of your venue, we may be restricted by FAA laws or weather conditions. If all is cleared with your venue, drone footage is an additional $300 and requires a two cinematographer package. Just let us know that you'd like to have aerial footage beforehand.

Do we get creative input?

Yes! Before the day of the wedding, we will ask you to fill out our “Reference Sheet” where you can write down the most important people/events/surprises that you want to see in the video. If there are films from our catalogue that speak to you, feel free to let us know.

How do we receive our films?

After your film is edited, we'll send along a private link for you to review. Once you approve, the film can be made public to share with family and friends. We’ll also mail you a hard copy with the RAW footage on a drive(formatted for Mac and PC) so you can back it up if you wish.

Can we keep our wedding film private?

Every now and then we cater to high profile clients who request their films be private, but you don't need to be a celebrity to do the same. Just let us know and we will happily keep your films off of our social media platforms and/or website.

We know planning a wedding can be tough... This should help.

This is Louie...

How long will my Music Video be?

All of our packages come with our One Song Music Video which is typically 3-5 minutes long. Two Song Music Videos (+$1000) are typically 6-9 minutes long and are great for those looking to have a longer highlight of the day. The length of your Ceremony & Speeches edit is the length of your ceremony and speeches. which makes sense, right? Documentaries are usually between 45 minutes to an hour plus. Feel free to reach out to see samples of these.

What is the Ceremony & Speeches and what is the Documentary Film?

The Ceremony & Speeches is a full edit of your ceremony and reception speeches with two complimentary angles synched to the best available audio (ideally a direct feed from the DJ). The Documentary Film is more of an exclusive behind the scenes look at your wedding day with all of the full length main events included. Feel free to reach out to see samples.