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  • What is the Atomic Tangerine style?
    The Music Video (like the videos you see on our site) is our creative platform for taking your love, energy, and excitement and arranging it into a film that feels more like a daydream than a "highlight film". Our approach is unobtrusive, so no big rigs or lights. We stealthily capture candid moments and allow the photographer to do most of the directing so you can enjoy your day. Our motto is simple... "You party... We film it."
  • Should I have one or two cinematographers at my wedding?
    One cinematographer is enough to capture what we need for the Music Video, but having two cinematographers allows us more freedom in the editing process and multiple angles during important moments. We also recommend two cinematographers if you'd like to capture both of you getting ready in separate locations.
  • What is the Ceremony & Speeches and what is the Documentary Film?
    The Documentary Film is more of an exclusive behind the scenes look at your wedding day with all of the full length main events included. Everything from your getting ready to the cake cut. The Ceremony & Speeches is a full edit of your ceremony and reception speeches with two complimentary angles synched to the best available audio (ideally a direct feed from the DJ, or hidden lavaliere microphone). Essential just the ceremony and speech portion of the Documentary film. Feel free to reach out to see samples.
  • We know planning a wedding can be tough... This should help.
    This is Louie...
  • Can we pick the music for the film?
    Before the day of the wedding, we will ask you to fill out our “Reference Sheet” where you can write down the most important timeline information, as well as special requests for the shooting and editing process. There, you give us multiple song suggestions and we pick the one that fits best with the footage (or leave it to us!). If there are films from our catalogue that speak to you, feel free to let us know.
  • How do we receive our films?
    We'll send along a private link for you to review. Once you approve, we’ll mail you the files on a hard drive, this includes the highest quality exports of your films along with all of the raw (unedited) footage. The raw footage is every unedited clip from the day (basically, every time we hit record and stop). Each of these clips include sound and can be watched back on most video players.
  • Can we keep our wedding film private?
    Defintiely! We'll ask beforehand if it's okay to post to our social sites, but if it's not, we understand.
  • How do we book?
    We ask for a signed contract (sent online) and a 50% deposit. Any add-ons or upgrades to your package can be made after the contract is signed. If you have any more questions, drop us a line!


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